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  1. Pikebg

    р. Волхов

    Привет, с какой скоростью 35-40?
  2. Hello! I want to ask when will you let the fish on Kuori Lake? When will you balance the game for 3 months on Kuori Lake do not have a captured trophy Kuori Char, Arctic Char? Climate update 8636 fishing died on Kuori Lake!
  3. Всем привет, подскажите какие леска и поводок использовать ?
  4. Pikebg

    оз. Куори

    Можете ли вы сфотографировать, где вы бросаете ?
  5. координаты 116-105 S11-003
  6. координаты 78-87 s11-005
  7. Скажи мне, что использовать леска ? 14кг ?
  8. Мy nickname Pikebg i'm lvl15 and I do not have access to Volhov ;(
  9. Hello from a week I'm trying to buy a potato cube, but it always tells me it's out of stock. In what time do the stores load up?
  10. Hi Previously, I bought gold and did not want a credit card. Yesterday, I was trying to charge my VIP and asked me for a credit card ?
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